Creating the Data Center Of The Future
HyperConverged Infrastructure

HyperConverged Infrastructure solutions are red-hot technology, but with over 30 new players to choose from, how will you decide which is right for your business? Our leaders pioneered the market, and will help you simplify the data center by selecting the perfect product for your specific needs.

Solving The Power Problem

Converged systems reduce power consumption by 90% vs. traditional Cloud & legacy data center architectures.  Find out how HCI’s comprehensive software and storage building blocks can drop expenses and avoid expensive larger power circuits & monthly bills

Creating A Simpler I.T. Solution Stack

HyperConverged solutions have one interface that manages everything in your data center, from creating luns to moving workloads, making operations and the number of resources required to run daily operations far simpler than legacy servers, storage and appliance infrastructure

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Data Centers Face Serious Threat With Consolidation

As Hyper Converged appliances flourish, the number of appliances, backup and storage products may shrink footprints by up to 80% vs. current levels, affecting power consumption and margins for colocation providers.

HyperConverged Research Promises Savings vs. Amazon

According to Forrester Research, 4 out of 5 HyperConverged Customers report that their annual Opex & Capex Spend are 42% less on average than the AWS Public Cloud offerings

Fun Fact :
72% of interviewed CIO’s stated they would consider HCI experience a “must have” skill set for a new IT Manager position

Solving the Big Problem of Growing Data & Hardware Sprawl

Save 2x-5x on Storage costs with Inline Dedupe & Compression Technologies standard on select HCI products
Data Reduction Technologies
Deduplication & Compression Technologies Cloud and Wire

Head Off Ransomware Threats In Minutes

Keep the bad guys at bay.  Avoid being held hostage by Malware and Hackers by restoring VM’s in minutes with built-in data recovery tools from select HyperConverged solutions
ransomware cloud & Wire
Hackers Ransomware

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