The Death of the Disk Drive

It’s Time For The All Flash Data Center

Ultra HD Flash Arrays pair with Software Defined Features, Ushering in a New Era Of Storage that will displace the disk unit within the Enterprise

Density…Schmensity. 1.5pB in just 5U

The latest all-flash arrays are here, and the effective capacities are off the charts. The time is right to discuss a consolidation play with your vendor to start savings tens of thousands in maintenance expenses

It’s all about the automation

Upgrade to All Flash Arrays with all of the features you need to get back up to 20 hours a week in management.  Backups, Replication and pesky problems like snapshots and LUN creation are history

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Start small, then scale as  you grow

Scale Flash without disruption or data migration, from entry level systems that grow or full-scale archive systems with capacity in the tens of Petabytes, while enjoying consistent, efficient, and simple management tools

Drop 90% of your Colocation Girth

All Flash Arrays with Inline Dedupe, Compression and Replication technologies can Save Thousands each Month by reducing the overall Rack Space “U” consumed with ultra-dense solutions

Moving to the Cloud? Save Thousands by leveraging Cisco UCS Director, VMware vRealize, and OpenStack to build an Private Cloud platform.

I/O hungry apps meet their match with NVME

Memory-first storage changes the game in application performance. Latency is measured in microseconds now—not milliseconds, up to 100x faster than EMC VNX and Dell Equallogic Systems
all flash performance arrays Cloud & Wire
NVME Flash Storage

Reduce energy bills & Celebrate the Savings

Are Data Centers fearful of the economics of all-flash? You bet.  With most providers charging by the power/cooling costs, not rack space, you can avoid huge electric bills with a migration to all-flash arrays for your Production & Dev environments
Power Savings Flash Storage
Flash Storage Savings

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