Private. Public. Hybrid.

Which is Right For Your Business?

Discover the 3 market forces causing rifts between Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud Computing Solutions.

Disaster Recovery Plan Cloud & Wire

45% Of CIO’s Don’t Have A Disaster Recovery Solution

Cloud & Wire builds Private Cloud solutions that enable inexpensive Backup & Recovery solutions to be deployed within your budget. How?  By providing cost-cutting measures in other areas of the data center and offering protection at 30-40% less than traditional colocation and cloud providers.

reporting in cloud

Short-Term Cloud Computing Options for Reporting

Build, replicate & deploy the tools your business line managers need without the expensive and time-consuming internal approval & budget processes that keep the company from executing quickly.  When you’re done, simply turn it off, keeping costs under control and only paying for the compute you need.

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Seasonal IT Trends

Seasonal Business Levels Causing Difficulty In Budgeting for IT?

Eliminate Emergency Purchasing & Cost Overrides With Elastic Demand IT Resources from Cloud & Wire

Business IT Response

Finally, You Have A Way To Respond In Real TIme To Your Business IT Needs

Scale, Downsize or Duplicate Data Environments In Minutes vs. Months Leveraging Your Own Private Sandbox

“We leverage the cloud to host a secondary call center and to provision servers on demand for far less than buying and managing our own secondary site.”

Big Data Key To Finding Hidden Profits

Looking for Inventory Shortages & Overages in real time?  Room Occupancy Percentages, Room Service Trends &  Analyzing Historical Travel Data is all waiting to be unlocked from your existing data by leveraging the Cloud
Big Data Cloud & Wire
Big Data Auto Parts

Apps In An On Demand Data Center

Full-scale application support in the Private Cloud marketplace provides a unique method to build, manage, update and test applications for business systems without massive expense.  Our experts can help build a roadmap for your teams to avoid pitfalls and to get the best deals on hosted infrastructure
Hosted Applications
Hosted Application Planning

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