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Welcome to Cloud & Wire

When a family searches for a new home, they engage with a realtor who works on their behalf to help navigate builders, neighborhoods & market conditions. Likewise, companies searching for expertise when looking to improve their Telephony, Communications & Computing methods need similar services such as research, sourcing assistance and application implementation resources.  Unlike traditional telecom agents and legacy IT vendors, Cloud & Wire serves our customers by focusing on innovative and emerging solutions in Enterprise collaboration(Phone, Fiber & Call Center), Global Data Center Solutions(Public, Private & Hybrid Cloud Solutions) and Process management to provide assistance from project concept to contract.  The advice is free, the service is unmatched.  Give us a call and experience the next level of service.

Our Process

Step 1

At Cloud & Wire one of our biggest advantages is our experience and opinions, but first and foremost, we want to listen. Each business has a story, ups & downs, needs just out of reach. We take the time to understand your situation before we form our opinions & recommendations.

Cloud and Wire - Research & Testing
Step 2

This is where we give each of our partners the ``sniff`` test. Do they have the experience, is the product a good fit, and what is the process like to deploy?`` The few that pass the tests are the only ones invited to the conversation, saving you time & energy.

Cloud and Wire - The Solutions
Step 3

Selecting a solution & creating a deal is only the beginning. Our team manages and oversees the entire project lifecycle. Status calls, delays, trouble tickets, construction issues & migrations are just a few of the items you can check off your list.

Graduation Day
Step 4

Our team doesn't just complete the first initiative & walk away. Our goal is to provide vision, schedules & ideas until your budget and your data center is the best it can be. It's not about sales, it's about relationships that go on for years

Providing uncommon insight & relationships of value

There are two types of partners, the ones who look out for themselves, and the ones that are prepared so they don’t need to.